Patty C & the Guys started in February 2014. The members include Patty Candela on button box, Joe Strukel on piano accordion, Lenny Jacko on sax, clarinet, and Mike Tucci on the drums. The band plays different styles of polkas, waltz and other music like rumbas, latin and slow song favorites. On November 2014 and 2015 the band won the Button box group of the year award from the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.

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meet the band

Patty Candela

Patty Candela (band leader) started when she was 15 years old playing the button box. She took lessons from Kathy Hlad. She has been with a couple of button box groups throughout the years (Buttonaires, Euclid Squeeze Boxers and Polka Pirates). In February 2014 she decided to start her own group with the help of Joe Strukel.

Joe Strukel

Joe Strukel (co-leader) started playing accordion when he was a kid. He took a 33 year break from playing and came back to playing about 3 years ago. He played with Al Strukel band, Euclid Squeeze Boxers and the Polka Pirates. Joe arranges all the music and plans the set lists.

Lenny Jacko

Lenny Jacko plays sax, and clarinet with Patty C & the Guys. He also plays with a couple of other groups.

Mike Tucci III

Mike Tucci III plays drums with the band. He is our newest young drummer. He has played different music like rock, metal and other music. He decided in 2015 to try polka music out.